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Top Kate Havnevik songs according to the fans:
play You Again clip
You Again Melankton 20 iTunes
play Unlike Me clip
Unlike Me Melankton 19 iTunes
play New Day clip
New Day Melankton 18 iTunes
play Nowhere Warm clip
Nowhere Warm Melankton 17 iTunes
play Not Fair clip
Not Fair Melankton 16 iTunes
play Serpentine clip Serpentine Melankton 0 iTunes
play Kaleidoscope clip Kaleidoscope Melankton 0 iTunes
play Sleepless clip Sleepless Melankton 0 iTunes
play Suckerlove clip Suckerlove Melankton 0 iTunes
play Timeless clip Timeless Melankton 0 iTunes
play I Don't Know You clip I Don't Know You Melankton 0 iTunes
play Travel in Time (feat. Carmen Rizzo) clip Travel in Time (feat. Carmen Rizzo) Melankton 0 iTunes
play So:Lo clip So:Lo Melankton 0 iTunes

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Kate Havnevik is a Norwegian singer and songwriter from Oslo. Her debut album, the electronica-infused "Melankton," was released in March 2006 on iTunes and April 2006 (on physical CD) in Norway, before being licensed internationally later in the year. Havnevik has been working on three albums simultaneously - "Melankton," "You" and an acoustic album entitled "Embla." In a move similar to that of British singer and friend of Havnevik, Imogen Heap, Kate is releasing her albums through her own record label, Continentica Records. (show more...)