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Top Ditchliquor songs according to the fans:
play Roseburg clip Roseburg Ditchliquor 0 iTunes
play What Time clip What Time Ditchliquor 0 iTunes
play Provoking the Ghost clip Provoking the Ghost Ditchliquor 0 iTunes
play The Universal Veil clip The Universal Veil Ditchliquor 0 iTunes
play On the Side of the Road clip On the Side of the Road Ditchliquor 0 iTunes
play Nothing clip Nothing Ditchliquor 0 iTunes
play Megalomotherfucker clip Megalomotherfucker Ditchliquor 0 iTunes
play Morning Star clip Morning Star Ditchliquor 0 iTunes
play Mandrake clip Mandrake Ditchliquor 0 iTunes

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Ditchliquor is a diverse band from Portland, Oregon who combine classic metal with doom, stonerrock, psychadelic, crust, punk and indie rock. Formed in late 2003, the band was formed by Joe Wickstrom (bass, vocals), Shawn Davis (drums, vocals), and Evan Enge (guitar, vocals). In 2004, the group brought in Matt Blair to take over the vocal responsibilities, but that same year they returned to their original power-trio form. They played shows alongside bands such as Rwake, Brant Bjork, YOB, Valis, Priestess, Biblical Proof of UFOs, Napalm Beach, the Unsane, Big Business, and High on Fire. (show more...)