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Top Sinking Ships songs according to the fans:
play Ghost Story clip
Ghost Story Disconnecting 20 iTunes
play Target Practice clip
Target Practice Disconnecting 19 iTunes
play Shadows clip
Shadows Disconnecting 18 iTunes
play Deadlocked clip
Deadlocked Disconnecting 17 iTunes
play Give Up clip
Give Up Disconnecting 16 iTunes
play Ruin clip Ruin Disconnecting 0 iTunes
play Cheated clip Cheated Disconnecting 0 iTunes
play Comfort clip Comfort Disconnecting 0 iTunes
play The Days You've Come To Fear clip The Days You've Come To Fear Disconnecting 0 iTunes
play The Next Time I Go clip The Next Time I Go Disconnecting 0 iTunes
play Auburn clip Auburn Disconnecting 0 iTunes
play Wait clip Wait Disconnecting 0 iTunes

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There are at least two bands with the name Sinking Ships: 1. A hardcore band hailing from Seattle, Washington. In 2005 the band released their debut full length, Meridian, consisting of old demos and new songs. At the end of 2005 Sinking Ships signed to seminal hardcore label Revelation Records. The band released their second album, Disconnecting, in July 2006. After releasing two more 7 inches entitled "Ten" and "Safe" and also doing a split with Japan's My Love and As We Let Go, Sinking Ships called it quits in late 2008. (show more...)