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Top New Monsoon songs according to the fans:
play Bridge of the Gods clip
Bridge of the Gods The Sound 20 iTunes
play Velvet Pouch clip
Velvet Pouch Downstream 19 iTunes
play Mountain Air clip
Mountain Air Downstream 18 iTunes
play Bo's Blues clip
Bo's Blues Downstream 17 iTunes
play Downstream clip
Downstream Downstream 16 iTunes
play Rock Springs Road clip
Rock Springs Road The Sound 15 iTunes
play On the Sun clip
On the Sun Hydrophonic 14 iTunes
play Dark Perimeter clip
Dark Perimeter The Sound 13 iTunes
play Trust in Me clip
Trust in Me The Sound 12 iTunes
play Sunrise clip
Sunrise The Sound 11 iTunes
play Greenhouse clip Greenhouse V 0 iTunes
play Painted Moon clip Painted Moon Downstream 0 iTunes
play Don't Feel Welcome clip Don't Feel Welcome Downstream 0 iTunes
play White Sky Rain clip White Sky Rain V 0 iTunes
play Rattlesnake Ride clip Rattlesnake Ride V 0 iTunes
play Alaska clip Alaska V 0 iTunes
play Romp clip Romp V 0 iTunes
play The Other Side clip The Other Side V 0 iTunes
play Water Vein clip Water Vein V 0 iTunes
play Neon Block clip Neon Block V 0 iTunes
play Copper Mine clip Copper Mine V 0 iTunes
play Song For Marie clip Song For Marie V 0 iTunes
play Ladybug clip Ladybug Downstream 0 iTunes
play Transgression clip Transgression Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Vickassippi clip Vickassippi Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Mean Poem clip Mean Poem Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Cypress clip Cypress Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Wagon Train clip Wagon Train Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Lucky Hour clip Lucky Hour Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Country Interlude clip Country Interlude Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play African Rain clip African Rain Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Before I Begin clip Before I Begin Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Drivewheel clip Drivewheel Hydrophonic 0 iTunes
play Double Clutch clip Double Clutch Downstream 0 iTunes
play Falling Out of Trees clip Falling Out of Trees The Sound 0 iTunes
play Hold on for Now clip Hold on for Now The Sound 0 iTunes
play Sunman clip Sunman Downstream 0 iTunes
play One of These Days clip One of These Days Downstream 0 iTunes
play Broken Picture Window clip Broken Picture Window The Sound 0 iTunes
play Another Night in Purgatory clip Another Night in Purgatory The Sound 0 iTunes
play Chakar Dar d'Abaji clip Chakar Dar d'Abaji Downstream 0 iTunes
play Liquid Blue clip Liquid Blue Downstream 0 iTunes
play The Sound clip The Sound The Sound 0 iTunes
play Circle clip Circle Downstream 0 iTunes
play Journey Man clip Journey Man The Sound 0 iTunes

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New Monsoon represents the best of the San Francisco jam scene. Formed during the El Nino rains of Northern California in the late 90's, this band has distilled their original sound with top-flight musicianship, tireless live performing and a thoroughly open-minded musical perspective. NM's unique style blends free-flying rock with acoustic stylings, tight vocal harmonies and lyrical songcraft. With a fearless pioneering spirit, they've become one of the most cutting edge bands on the scene today. (show more...)