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Top Remains songs according to the fans:
play Why Do I Cry clip
Why Do I Cry The Remains 20 iTunes
play Heart clip
Heart The Remains 19 iTunes
play Don't Look Back clip
Don't Look Back The Remains 18 iTunes
play Lonely Weekend clip
Lonely Weekend The Remains 17 iTunes
play You Got a Hard Time Coming clip
You Got a Hard Time Coming The Remains 16 iTunes
play Diddy Wah Diddy clip Diddy Wah Diddy The Remains 0 iTunes
play Once Before clip Once Before The Remains 0 iTunes
play Thank You clip Thank You The Remains 0 iTunes
play Time of Day clip Time of Day The Remains 0 iTunes
play Say You're Sorry clip Say You're Sorry The Remains 0 iTunes

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In 1964, they took Boston by surprise. The line of fans stretching from Kenmore Square to Fenway Park meant only one thing: It was "Remains Night" at The Rathskeller. By New Years Day 1965, The Remains were signed to a major recording deal, playing to packed venues throughout New England. By the end of the 65' they had two regional hit singles on Epic Records and had performed for 14 million viewers on Ed Sullivan’s Christmas Show. In 1966, the group had two more regional hits, appeared on NBC TV's Hulaballoo, and garnered a coveted spot as opening act on The Beatles’ U. (show more...)