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Top Drum Machine Circle songs according to the fans:
play Coming Down clip Coming Down DADA 0 iTunes
play Realisation clip Realisation DADA 0 iTunes
play Roswell clip Roswell DADA 0 iTunes
play The Sea of Information clip The Sea of Information DADA 0 iTunes

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Drum Machine Circle's DADA was an obscure, limited-release Fax +49-69/450464 disc meticulously crafted by Charles Uzzell-Edwards (CUE - once used the moniker Octopus) and Jason Rivera, a friend of CUE's who was also invited into the studio for Octopus 3. Over the course of a couple of days they recorded the groovy leftfield jam/freak-out that is Roswell, the album's forty-minute centrepiece; assimilating proto-trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop beats and thuds and other timekeeping sounds, and any number of eclectic tidbits tossed into the mix over the duration of this epic piece. (show more...)