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Top Throw Me the Statue songs according to the fans:
play Tag clip
Tag Creaturesque 20 iTunes
play A Mutinous Dream clip
A Mutinous Dream Moonbeams 19 iTunes
play Snowshoes clip
Snowshoes Creaturesque 18 iTunes
play Yucatan Gold clip
Yucatan Gold Moonbeams 17 iTunes
play About to Walk clip
About to Walk Moonbeams 16 iTunes
play Hi-Fi Goon clip
Hi-Fi Goon Creaturesque 15 iTunes
play Ancestors clip
Ancestors Creaturesque 14 iTunes
play Moonbeams clip Moonbeams Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Dizzy From the Fall clip Dizzy From the Fall Creaturesque 0 iTunes
play Cannibal Rays clip Cannibal Rays Creaturesque 0 iTunes
play Pistols clip Pistols Creaturesque 0 iTunes
play Waving at the Shore clip Waving at the Shore Creaturesque 0 iTunes
play The Happiest Man on This Plane clip The Happiest Man on This Plane Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Noises clip Noises Creaturesque 0 iTunes
play The Old Believer clip The Old Believer Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Take It or Leave It clip Take It or Leave It Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Written in Heart Signs, Faintly clip Written in Heart Signs, Faintly Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Groundswell clip Groundswell Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play This Is How We Kiss clip This Is How We Kiss Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Stupid Stone clip Stupid Stone Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Baby, You're Bored clip Baby, You're Bored Creaturesque 0 iTunes
play Shade for a Shadow clip Shade for a Shadow Creaturesque 0 iTunes
play Conquering Kids clip Conquering Kids Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Your Girlfriend's Car clip Your Girlfriend's Car Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play The Outer Folds clip The Outer Folds Creaturesque 0 iTunes
play Lolita clip Lolita Moonbeams 0 iTunes
play Young Sensualists clip Young Sensualists Moonbeams 0 iTunes

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Throw Me the Statue is a band which formed in Seattle, Washington, United States in 2005. The band consists of singer/songwriter Scott Reitherman and a revolving lineup of other musicians. The band has released two albums, "Moonbeams" (2007) and "Creaturesque" (2009). The band began as a mixtape Scott Reitherman made for a girlfriend. A couple years later Reitherman would reappropriate it as his musical alias, and Throw Me The Statue emerged on the Seattle-based DIY label Baskerville Hill. (show more...)