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Top Caroline Aiken songs according to the fans:
play That's What I Heard clip
That's What I Heard Butler Field 20 iTunes
play Ground Zero clip
Ground Zero Butler Field 19 iTunes
play Left Wet clip
Left Wet Butler Field 18 iTunes
play Love Ain't Going Nowhere clip
Love Ain't Going Nowhere Butler Field 17 iTunes
play Heart of Knowing clip
Heart of Knowing Butler Field 16 iTunes
play 3rd Day Press 9 clip 3rd Day Press 9 Butler Field 0 iTunes
play Movin' On clip Movin' On Butler Field 0 iTunes
play Hotel at Highway One clip Hotel at Highway One Butler Field 0 iTunes
play Butler Field (feat. Indigo Girls) clip Butler Field (feat. Indigo Girls) Butler Field 0 iTunes
play Good Intentions clip Good Intentions Butler Field 0 iTunes

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Caroline Aiken (born August 8, 1955) is an American singer and guitarist from Atlanta, Georgia. Her work spans genres, from folk to blues to rock. She also teaches workshops on songwriting and performing. In October 2005, Aiken broke her wrist, necessitating surgery and forcing her to cancel an upcoming tour of the U.S. and Europe. In order to help her with the costs of this setback, local Atlanta musicians organized a benefit concert. (show more...)