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Top Dream on, Dreamer songs according to the fans:
play Lifestream clip Lifestream Heartbound 0 iTunes
play Come Home True Love clip Come Home True Love Heartbound 0 iTunes
play To the Lost clip To the Lost Heartbound 0 iTunes
play Blinded clip Blinded Heartbound 0 iTunes
play Taking Chances, Breaking Free clip Taking Chances, Breaking Free Heartbound 0 iTunes
play For What You Believe In clip For What You Believe In Heartbound 0 iTunes
play A Path of Its Own clip A Path of Its Own Heartbound 0 iTunes
play Downfall clip Downfall Heartbound 0 iTunes
play Yourself as Someone Else clip Yourself as Someone Else Heartbound 0 iTunes
play I clip I Heartbound 0 iTunes
play In August clip In August Hope 0 iTunes
play Planted Somewhere Hidden clip Planted Somewhere Hidden Hope 0 iTunes
play Blackened Sun clip Blackened Sun Hope 0 iTunes
play Chapter: Desired Permanence clip Chapter: Desired Permanence Hope 0 iTunes
play Ambitions clip Ambitions Hope 0 iTunes
play Persist the Voice clip Persist the Voice Hope 0 iTunes
play Set Sail, Armada clip Set Sail, Armada Sails Set, Armada 0 iTunes
play In Crowds of Failed Kings clip In Crowds of Failed Kings Sails Set, Armada 0 iTunes
play Vultures clip Vultures Sails Set, Armada 0 iTunes

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Dream On, Dreamer are a band from Melbourne, Australia. The band's current lineup is Marcel Gadacz (vocals), Callan Orr (guitar), Luke Domic (guitar), Michael McLeod (bass, vocals), Daniel Jungwirth (keys), and Aaron Fiocca (drums). They formed around 2008 and have released two EPs, Hope and Sails Set, Armada - EP. Hope was picked up by Australian's biggest hardcore label, Boomtown Records, and the band was invited to play on the Australian leg of the 2010 Take Action Tour alongside Attack Attack! and Pierce the Veil. (show more...)