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Top Januaries songs according to the fans:
play [unknown] clip [unknown] Januaries 0 iTunes
play U & Me clip U & Me Januaries 0 iTunes
play Jon Sings clip Jon Sings Januaries 0 iTunes
play Summer of Love clip Summer of Love Januaries 0 iTunes
play All Systems A GoGo clip All Systems A GoGo Januaries 0 iTunes
play Chocolate and Strawberries clip Chocolate and Strawberries Januaries 0 iTunes
play Angel Eye clip Angel Eye Januaries 0 iTunes
play Love Has Flown clip Love Has Flown Januaries 0 iTunes
play The Girl's Insane clip The Girl's Insane Januaries 0 iTunes
play Cinema Girl clip Cinema Girl Januaries 0 iTunes
play Love Met the Devil clip Love Met the Devil Januaries 0 iTunes
play Black Transmission clip Black Transmission Januaries 0 iTunes
play Juliette clip Juliette Januaries 0 iTunes
play Telephone clip Telephone E.P. 0 iTunes
play StareAtTheSun clip StareAtTheSun E.P. 0 iTunes
play JonSings clip JonSings E.P. 0 iTunes
play Paranoid clip Paranoid Chocolate & Strawberries 0 iTunes
play Love Has Flown clip Love Has Flown Chocolate & Strawberries 0 iTunes
play U and Me clip U and Me Chocolate & Strawberries 0 iTunes
play Chocolate & Strawberries clip Chocolate & Strawberries Chocolate & Strawberries 0 iTunes

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The '60s-pop-inspired alternative band the Januaries features vocalist/guitarist Debbie Diamond, guitarist/programmer/producer Rick Boston, keyboardist/programmer John Nau, bassist Tobias Kroon, drummer Petur Smith, and trumpet player Mitch Maker. Diamond is a former member of the punk band Pink Fuzz; Rick Boston produced Rickie Lee Jones' 1997 album Ghostyhead. The band members' diverse backgrounds and shared affection for Burt Bacharach, Serge Gainsbourg, the Doors, Sandie Shaw, and Nico culminated in a self-titled EP and album, both of which were released in 2000 by Foodchain Records. (show more...)