About GoRankem
What is GoRankem?
Rank ‘em is crowdsourcing the music discovery process. By aggregating the expertise of the existing fanbase for every artist, the prospective fans can more easily embrace a new artist or dive deeper into a catalog than they ever had before. In general, we hope you'll find the songs you were always meant to hear.
What can you do on GoRankem?
For the passive experience, you can browse the current fan favorites for all of your favorite artists. For those that don't want to sit back on the sidelines, we encourage you to share your own personal favorites as the resource will continue to improve as the sample size for each artist increases.
What is fanstanding?
The term 'fanstanding' has two meanings within the site. The Average Fanstanding found on the artist pages represents the accuracy for each artist's current results. The closer the fanstanding is to a 10, the more indicative the results will be of the most diehard and knowledgable fans. After ranking an artist, we encourage our contributors to rate themselves from 1-10 based on their knowledge of the artist. Your fanstanding will not affect the influence of your rankings.
How do you create the Hot Searches list?
We source the list from our friends at The Hype Machine.
The Community
How should I behave in the GoRankem community?
We hope you'll only rank your favorite songs from artists that you are fairly familiar with, so that the rest of the community can benefit from your knowledge. If you have little familiarity with an artist, we hope that you'll focus your attention on the other 399,999+ artists that can be searches :)
How do I handle abusive users?
If you feel someone is abusing the rankings in any way, please contact us at support@gorankem.com.
User Recognition
What are recs?
Hand out some recs when you think someone has some great taste. On the flipside, the more (quality) you rank, the more likely you'll be to get rec'd.
What are badges?
You can earn badges for accomplishing certain tasks . The first set are set up to reward users for four different feats: Trendsetter (being the first to rank an artist) Recruiter (inviting others to check out the site), Socialite (sharing your ranking across different networks), and last but not least, The Douchebadge (ranking a certain mystery artist).
Database and Searches
Why can't I find the song I'm looking for?
Try using quotes around the song name. Also, on the drag and drop page, use the quick search feature and type in the name of the song. There may be instances where a track is left out of our database, and we encourage you to report these instances to us at info@gorankem.com.
What if the information is incorrect for an artist or song?
We have over 400,000 artists on our site, and we're working on the best way to monitor incorrect information. For the time being, please moderate any incorrect information by notifying us at info@gorankem.com, or we encourage you to create a MusicBrainz account, (MusicBrainz.org) so you can verify our source and make any corrections yourself.
How do you create an artist profile?
We get our data about artists and releases from the user-maintained database, MusicBrainz. If you make music and are not represented on the site, head over to MusicBrainz and add your details to the database. Or, shoot us an email at info@gorankem.com
How can I be better represented on GoRankem?
We'd love to hear from you concerning changing your bio, artist pic, or videos. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help!
Where do we get our artist pictures from?
We automatically source all of our artist data from Last.fm fm's publicly available API. More details are available at http://www.last.fm/api/tos.
How are the rankings calculated?
Each song you rank is assigned a corresponding point value based on how you ordered them. The point values from each user's rankings are then added to determine the current song standings.
Where can I see my rankings when I want to change 'em?
Rankings can be updated via the My Rankings page. Click on the "update" link next to the ranking you wish to change.
How many songs should I rank?
Rank anywhere between 5 and 20 songs.
Can I rank more than 20 songs?
In order to maintain consistency, we are currently only allowing users to rank up to 20 songs.
Can I submit my rankings more than once?
No, but you can update your already submitted rankings from the My Rankings page.
What if I see the song I want to rank listed in the catalog more than once?
There may be a studio and a live version, or there may be two releases (such as a greatest hits and the original release). For two tracks that have differences, rank the one that you like best. For two tracks that are exactly the same, such as foreign and domestic releases, choose the track that appears first on the list. We will combine the rankings of such releases on a periodic basis so that these songs appear correctly in the overall rankings.